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The Bergen County Business Resource Network was created by Bergen County Executive James Tedesco and the Board of Commissioners to give you personal and customized assistance unique to your company.

With our core team of business advocates, mentors and specialists to SizeUp – our data intelligence tool – you can make better, more informed decisions for your business. All free of charge and all available for you.

With our network support, you can:

Gather Data

Take a brief moment to watch this video and see what our SizeUp business intelligence tool offers you.

Then, click for custom data about your business to help you answer the questions that keep you up at night:

Do I make more or less money than my competitors?

Average annual revenue measures the income that the average business in the area generates from selling its goods and services. You can use this figure as a benchmark to determine where you should be setting goals for your own performance.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Am I paying my employees too much or too little?

If the mix of occupations for your business is typical of other businesses in your industry, the average salary is a useful measurement for judging whether you are paying more or less than other businesses in your industry.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Is my business below or above average size?

Are you larger or smaller than the average business in your area? You should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages for either situation, and how to promote the advantages to your customers.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Are my healthcare costs high?

Healthcare premiums vary by age, medical history and level of risk associated with an employee's occupation. Because healthcare costs are typically growing each year and it's a significant expense, consider reviewing your policy to make sure you're getting the maximum value.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Who are my competitors?

Use the tool to find out who your competition is and where they're located. If possible and helpful, go visit them to see what they're offering.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Where are my competitors doing better or worse?

See where the typical business owner in your industry is doing the best. This may help you determine where to expand into a new location, or where to target a marketing campaign.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Where can I find new suppliers?

Increasing your supplier base can provide opportunities including introducing new products, increasing competition on price to drive down your net costs, shortening time-to-market and increasing margins -- all of which can lead to sustained profitable growth.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Which location is best to open my business?

Depending on where the demand for your product or service is, how much your budget is, who your target audience is, parking options, proximity to vendors and suppliers and more – these factors are what will help you determine an ideal location.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

Where should I advertise?

There are many variables that go into determining the best place to advertise. We can help guide you through the process.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!

How do demographics help my business?

Knowing your demographics can be a highly effective marketing strategy to launch a campaign. Speak to one of our support specialists today.

Try the SizeUp Tool today. It's FREE and easy to use!


Gain Insight

We’ll match you with a consultant (or several) in our network who will listen, guide and partner with you on what your data shows and what you might need.

Our networks include  trained SizeUp support specialists from Bergen Community College, professional consultants from the Small Business Development Center, seasoned business mentors from SCORE,  recruitment coaches from our Workforce Development Center & the experts from Bergen County Economic Development.

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Get FREE HELP generating a business report of your business or interpreting the data from SizeUp. Find out what new technologies you can use to improve your business.

We Can Help You With:

Data Analysis



Social Media

Business Grants



Grow Your Business

Get information on programs that can benefit your business… from Main Street mom-and-pops to home-based businesses to non-profits and more.

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Find funding for your business now.

Looking for startup capital? Need a business loan to expand? Check out this list of available funding programs to see what’s right for you.


NJEDA – Small Business Lease Grant

Small Business Lease Grant award consists of two grant awards of 20 percent of the annual lease payments on a minimum 5-year lease term.

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Explore Our Additional Resources


No-cost business assistance consulting from SCORE

Small Business Development Center

No-cost business assistance consulting from the Small Business Development Center

NJ Economic Development Authority

Apply for a small business loan or grant through them New Jersey Economic Development Authority


Apply for a small business loan or grant through the UCEDC

Bergen County Economic Development

Find the right space for your business and get connected to a multitude of resources with Bergen County Economic Development

Bergen County Job Center

Recruit and screen skilled workers with help from the Bergen County Job Center

Bergen Community College

Find out about grant-funded small business training, leadership training and apprenticeship opportunities through Bergen Community College

Bergen County Gov

Learn all about Bergen County government and the many services offered

Bergen Bids

Register to become a Bergen County vendor for opportunities to grow your business

NJBAC - Licensing, Filing, Accounting

Learn about license renewals, filings and accounting through the NJ Business Action Center

NJBAC - Starter Kits

Download business starter kits to plan, operate and grow through the NJ Business Action Center

NJ State Trade Expansion Program

Receive financial awards to partially offset export promotion costs though the NJ State Trade Expansion Program

NJ Clean Energy

Hear about clean energy incentives to help you save energy, money and the environment


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Making Small Business Even Better In Bergen

When small businesses succeed, all of Bergen County does. That’s why County Executive Jim Tedesco and the Board of Commissioners are proud to launch this network for support resources and information for small businesses. It is just part of our bigger commitment to assist and help make Bergen County the leader in small business growth and development.

Made possible by:
County Executive
James Tedesco and The Board of Commissioners

Under the supervision of:
Bergen County Division of Economic Development