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Quality of Work

  • Aaa bond rating
  • Tax base of nearly $170 billion
  • 954,398 residents
  • Median HH income: $97,438 (53% > the nation)
  • Average HH expenditures: $84,101
  • 12,000 properties/1,200 available sites
  • 45,922 businesses/512,488 skilled labor force
  • Lucrative tax incentives
  • Close proximity to major highways and bridges
  • 1 airport plus 47 others within 50 miles
  • Convenience of rail, ferry and bus service
  • Access to the fastest broadband speeds

Quality of Life

  • Diverse mix of 70 towns
  • 9,000+ acres of park and recreation
  • 73 highly-sought-after school districts
  • 9th most lucrative U.S. shopping mall with 5 billion in annual retail sales
  • No sales tax on clothing
  • 2,358 eateries
  • More than 15 colleges and universities
  • Nationally recognized medical centers and hospitals
  • Vibrant downtowns for dining and shopping
  • Theaters, arenas and concert halls
  • Historical landmarks, art galleries and more

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